It is known that Sheikh Hasan’s interest, love, and passion was in teaching science, language and religion. Therefore, the Foundation is focusing on:

Building a public library in his home town of Kufr Al Labad to serve an area of 36 cities, towns and villages and housing over 300,000 people. We believe that despite the positive outcomes of information technology, internet and fast telecommunications it also had negative effects especially on third world countries and particularly the Palestinian people under occupation. Therefore, the foundation decided to focus its efforts to restore the tradition and importance of public libraries for education, research and information and for all ages.

Providing college scholarships and grants to family members of political prisoners and marginalized communities based on their academic achievements, economic and social difficulties. Also, it is as important to provide these families with health, psychological, social and vocational re-habilitation services to help re-integrate them in the society as productive and active members.

Encourage research and innovation among high school and college students and help successful inventions find their way to acknowledgement, recognition and perhaps to investment and production phases.

Organizing students exchange programs: to encourage mutual exchange programs between Palestinian college students and students form all over the world for a better understanding of the Palestinian issue. The youth sector in Palestine are facing immense pressure from outside sources to distort and confuse their national identity by westernized agendas and globalization policies to deviate and divert them away from the real issues of liberty, freedom and national aspiration.

Organizing and sponsoring local and international seminars and conferences on major issues affecting Palestinians and the international communities as well.

Producing publications and documentaries on different issues as part of our awareness project in health, economy, cooperatives, environment, policy making, politics… Etc.

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