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Shaikh Hasan Foundation depends on donations from Palestinians in Occupied Palestine, Arab countries refugee camps and the Diaspora, and from individual supporters all over.

The Foundation dose not accept any donations from any foreign embassy or any other NGO working in occupied Palestine and consider these donations ‘political money’

Although Shaikh Hasan was a political prisoner for over 44 years, the Palestinian Authority has refused to grant him his monthly allowance as all political prisoners.

You can help our Foundation through assisting one or more of our programs:

· Sponsor the “Palestine Memory Museum” to document the ethnic cleansing war crimes against more than 500 Palestinian villages that was destroyed during the 1948 war. Donors can assist documenting one or more villages.

· Students scholarships: to help children of political prisoners and martyrs to pursue their higher education.

· Establishing a public library in the Foundation main location in Kuf Allabad either by money or by donating books.

· They can help by supporting our student exchange programs.

· You can help us establish agricultural and industrial cooperatives so that farmers can depend on their own development plans.

We need your partnership to implement our ambitious programs. Be generous in your donations.