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3- Culture, education and training

  • Knowledge and science are the pillars of developed and civilized countries. That is why our Foundation encourages students to achieve a high standard of education by securing scholarships for excelled students, former detainees, and the underprivileged based on their academic performance and financial need.
  • Encouraging high school and university students to conduct research, create the atmosphere and scientific environment for inventions, and help them secure recognition and later on investment for production.
  • The “Museum of Palestinian Memory” project for the displaced villages is an important pillar of one of the most important projects in the foundation. To encourage students to conduct research and documentation, we launched a competition for research on the displaced villages for high school, university, and grad students.

The first phase was:

“Here is Jerusalem” covers the 44 neighborhoods and villages of the District of  Jerusalem.

The second phase is;

“Here is Palestine” competition covering 25 destroyed villages of Tiberias and 6 villages of Nazareth.

  • The Foundation organizes and participates in local and international workshops and conferences in the fields of culture, science, and human rights and on crucial issues that affect the Palestinian and global situation politically and economically, to develop work and enhance cooperation with partner organizations at home and abroad concerned specifically with Palestinian affairs.
  • Our publications and documentaries:
    Publications and documents in the context of awareness campaigns that address health, economics, education, cooperatives, environment, and politics, whether on our community field platforms or our social media platforms. The documentary movie “Born in Deir Yassin”, produced in 2017 with English Subtitles, was only screened in one movie theatre locally and in Madrid, Spain.

The film screens interviews with the perpetrators of the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9, 1948, such as the                    Irgun terrorist member Ben-Zion Cohen, who boasts of his role in committing this horrific genocide.

  • Palestinian Children Under Fire documentary, which is attributed to the martyrs of the several Israeli wars
  • Documentaries of displaced villages: Tells the story of depopulated villages of 1948 in different districts
  • “Plant a tree to protect your country” campaign.
  • Natural Palestinian products
  • Prosecute perpetrators of massacres, genocides, and war crimes against our people:
    Cooperation and coordination with local and international human rights organizations to prosecute all those who participated in war crimes, genocides, and crimes against humanity against Palestinian civilians before and after the 1948 ethnic cleansing war.

The war crime committed against Sheikh Hassan who lived in complete isolation in prison and endured compulsory disappearance for twenty years away from his family must be filed to the ICC in addition to the detention, isolation, and torture of more than five thousand Palestinian political detainees languishing in settler colonial prisons.

These efforts constitute additional pressure and a precedent to prosecute the criminals of the colonial military regime which is considered as a violation of international and humanitarian laws and the Fourth Geneva Convention.


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