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The Land is our land .. the homeland is our homeland

Plant a tree and protect your homeland campaign Because our battle with the enemy revolves around the land, and since the Zionists established their first agricultural settlement in 1878 on the lands of the village of Melabes near the city of Jaffa, the bride of the Mediterranean and the leader …

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Sheikh  Hasan was a victim of ethnic cleansing, which was carried out by the  Zionist Movement against the indigenous people of Palestine. Therefore,  in order to preserve Palestinian collective memory, the foundation is  determined to establish the “Palestinian Memory Museum”, to reveal and  portray the genocide crimes committed, and the …

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It is known that Sheikh Hasan’s interest, love, and passion was in teaching science, language and religion. Therefore, the Foundation is focusing on: Building a public library in his home town of Kufr Al Labad to serve an area of 36 cities, towns and villages and housing over 300,000 people. …

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