Shaikh Hasan Biography

Around 1900 Shaikh Hasan was born and raised in Kuf Allabad village near Tulkarem. He obtained his first Diploma at Nablus College for Science after which he worked as an Imam and teacher in several mosques in Palestine and Jordan. During the 1936 revolution, he resided in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The Forces of the British Mandate arrested him in 1939, on the charge of killing a British officer during their raid on the Al-Aqsa Mosque looking for Palestinian fighters. Subsequently, he was sentenced to death by the Forces of the British Mandate. However, due to his religious and academic status, the Jerusalem Mufti and a group of Sheikhs and scholars appealed on his behalf to reduce his death sentence to life sentence, which was granted by the authorities of the British Mandate.

At that time, Shaikh Hasan had a wife and two children . His infant girl died just few weeks after his arrest, and his wife, Fatima, died a few months later. His son, “Mohammad Ghazi,” four years old at that time, was put in his uncle, Abdullah Allawi’s custody in Jerusalem.
Shaikh Hasan spent his life sentence in Acre Prison in the Upper Galilee, where his family used to visit him from time to time until the Arab-Israeli War erupted in 1948. He lost communication with his family, despite his brother’s attempts to discover his whereabouts with the help of the International Red Cross, unfortunately it was in vain.

He spent twenty years in total isolation from his family and the world until the 1967 War broke out. Following the Six-Day-War his family was able to locate him and visit him again in Acre Prison.

After the Acre prison was shut down, the Israeli Authorities transferred him to a nursery home in Bardis Hanna near Khadera. The family’s appeal to release him was rejected. Nonetheless his family continued their attempts to free Shaikh Hasan until they succeeded in January of 1983. But the Israeli Authorities refused to grant him a citizenship certificate and deported him to Jordan, where he lived with his son and grandchildren. He tried to cross the Jordan river several times in an attempt to go back to Jerusalem until he passed away three months later at the age of 83.